We will admit information, technical support and proposals

Our appeal

to all interested persons

Please, send to us

  • Your firmed critical remarks
  • Short opinions
  • Estimation of presented material according to 5-points scale
  • New facts and reasoning in favor to First Created Principle Alpha pointing the original source
  • Your advice in all fields
  • Your interest and fields of our further cooperation
  • Your recommendations to authorities, scientists, businessmen and mass media how to make informational, organizational, technical and financial support for project "Alpha"

We will be gratefull to you for

  • Invitations to conferences, congress, expositions with financial ensuring of traveling allowance and accommodation
  • Grants to prepare and to conduct presentations in Russian cities and abroad
  • Grants to develop a-projects in culture, science, informatization, architecture, technics
  • Support from sponsors and Maecenas (financial, technical, informational, organizing).
  • Voluntary charity donations from private persons
  • Venture financing from organizations
  • Future agreement about sale and purchase of intellectual capital shares.
Our banking account we will inform in person after getting from you the information about your intentions
We suggest to found an international
under supervision of discovery author

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E-mail: princip@samtel.ru


You can fill form and send to us. Thank you.