In XIX century:

Some Russian poet wrote approximately such words:

-What is new? - we hear often answering this question want to say: "Did you comprehend the past well?"

We agree with the poet and we would hope that the visitors to our site have known much new and have comprehended the essence of the "First created principle Alpha".

We hope for your technical, financial and informational assistance.

Earlier unknown law First-creation principle of Alpha-Pento metrics N11D

 is formats of the Universe is opened.


Through the constants 11 and frame an alpha-pento strukturs of pressure it provides dynamic balance,


the optimum organisation, harmony and beauty of the nature, the person, a society, technics.


Displays of this principle are found in the physicist, chemistry, the mathematician, in the nature,

 in human biology, in the literature and art, in world religions, in successful architectural

and technical decisions.

The properties of N11D - regularity hidden from our perception predetermine the formats,

 metrics and forms of physical and mental structures.


As a result it was possible to approach to understanding of fundamental essence of a constant 11.

 On its basis dimension of the multidimensional Universe is postulated as N11D.

New the knowledge can be used successfully in many branches.


ISBN 978-5-88940-114-8 ..-, 2011