Elements of theory

Before unknown law is discovered that optimal organization, dynamic equilibrium, harmony and beauty of Nature, human, social sphere, culture and technology predetermine First-Created Principle Alpha by means of Alpha-metrics an Alpha-structure. World constant 11 is introduced, which appeared as metric and critical angle alpha (alpha equals 1/11 part circle) as geometric base of the World. Constant 11 because of its functional significance, simplity and economy has status of supermagic number.

It gave birt to alpha-matrixes: degree matrix (360/(n11)) and radiant matrix (6.2832/(n11)).

Such values are introduced: alpha-metric value = n11, alpha-border = n111; alpha-packet a + b + + q = n11; alpha-frame a - b = n11.

Idea of PPA goes out of Stonehenge. In it's site plan V.F.Terioshin found 11-angle figure and uncorrect pentagram. Its modification gives alpha-pentagram with all tops on circumference. Its covering forms frame alpha-pentastructure and alpha-roses. Principally new threedimension forms having edges are discovered: pentoid and spherepentoid of Avinsky. Primary law Alpha is postulated.
The main parameter of system must be equal alpha = n11

Physics, chemistry, mathematics

Modern variation of Kaluza-Clein theory gives postulate of 11-dimension Universe, this correspond to alpha-principle (alpha = n11) and mean that we live in 11-dimension or even in 22-dimension space. Alpha-dimensional principle of space is illustrated by cube with 22 elements of symmetry. Alpha-principle controls structure of substance on each levels. For the first time discovered alpha-frames of elemental particles masses (a - b = n11) , which are divided to 6 groups.

In decupletes of barion adrones and in octetes meson adrones masses of particles are alpha-packed (a+b=n11) and difference of masses is alpha-cascaded. alpha-numbers n11 it is proposed to name supermagic. Atomic nucleus is stable because nuclones of different levels form alpha-packetes.

Alpha-packed principle fully determines building of atom electronic shell and permits foretell existence of new elements. Alpha-metrics is expressed in many physical constants.

Alpha-frame of stable isotopes penetrate and give periodicity to Mendeleev's system of elements, specifically periodicity of atom radiuses, ionization potentials, klark contents. World of crystals consists of 11 syngonia.

Decimal numeration is alpha-limited (11-1) and alpha-packed. The base of simple numbers compose alpha - kernel n11.

Coefficients of Newton theorem forms series of alpha-packets in Pascal's triangle. Extremums of special functions of Bessel, Lagger, Plank and characteristic points of unlinear physics functions (fractals and attractors) correspond to alpha-values of coordinates.


To ensure vital activity of human alpha-principle set 11-year cycle of the Sun activity, values of the first and second cosmic velocities, min and max points of the Earth surface, year and month values of summary radiation (220 Kcal/cm2 per year and 22 Kcal/cm2 per year), alpha-dates of equinoxes (221) and solstices, alpha-packed essence of year (33112).

The tensile deformations in rocks, fractures of continental and ocean of the earth's crust often goes along alpha-roses of stresses where critical angle alpha=1/22 part of circumference. The slope angles of most volcanoes and mountains summits are multiple to angle alpha.

Our experiments show that in freezing water alpha-net of thread-looking crystals of ice appears, so "developing" and proving existence of power frame of space alpha-pentastructures (alpha-ps). Many types of insects serve as their fine indicators, which, probably, take alpha-ps energy.

Alpha roses and alpha-ps set from of ancient and contemporary shells, web, picture and construction of trees leafs. To global belts of Avinsky spherepentoid (three dimension frame structure with edge of alpha-pentagram) global reserves of oil and natural gas are tied.

The human can comfortably exict only in alpha-conditions according to First-Created Principle Alpha.

Human being

Human literally absorbed, focused in himself alpha-metrics and alpha-structures of Nature.

Human is created in accordance with First Created Principle Alpha (FCPA). Alpha-principle is in life base itself, as sum of atoms in nucleotides of one DNA spiral is equal 110.

Human has 22 pair of authosomes and in their short arm there are 110 genes, in long arm of X-chromosome there are 11 genes.

Alpha-genesis caused foundamental alpha-parameters: 11 functioning systems of constitution, 11 twin internal organs, 33-34 vertebral, 440 Hz - frequency of the first child cry, pH - 5,5 and other basic medical and biological characteristics.

Frame alpha-pentastructure set anatomy, appearance, limited kinematics of figure.

Structure of consciousness and perception, love, alternating forms of consciousness, mentality as a whole is inscribed in alpha-pentagram.

Completed geshtalt is always alpha-metrical.

Human is alpha-measure of all things.

Economical, social-political processes, war

Particular events are revealed, which take place on alpha-metric and alpha-packed days. Alpha-dates turn out to be critical points of bifucations in unregular harmonics of events because of alpha-resonances that are natural for our alpha-world when quality transfers take place.

Positive or negative symbol of transfer is determined by value and vector of rivals efforts. Besides of alpha-date other econometric and sociometric parameters promote break-through. In time coordinates alpha-dates serves by most bright indicators of critical events, positive or negative. Alpha-principle lets to optimize economy and social processes to prevent incidents by forming system with alpha-parameters and orientating it in desired direction. To understand social processes it is perspective to use theory of stochastic attractors of unlinear physics, which now set into psychology, economy, sociology. We discovered that attractors (so as fractal structures) develop and strive for points of alpha-stability and (or) alpha-transfer. After building quantity model of attractor in econometric and sociometric coordinates, possibility of prognosing events is revealed.

In this case alpha-dates are brightly expressed, simply precomputed value on time scale.

Russian Federation

Analisys of historian development of Russia shows that numerical base of it's administrative-economical division in districts always has fundamental content 11. In 1708 - Peter The Great - 11 provinces, 1842-Arsenev - 11-1 provinces, 1880 - Semenov-Tian-Shansky - 11+1 regions, 1893 - Mendeleev - 11+3 districts, 1940 - RSFSR - 11+2 regions.


Before revolution 1917 in Russian Empaire there were 77 subjects. Modern federal system of Russia consisting of 89 federal subjects is out of limits of dynamic stability.

Optimal would be state consisting of 44 federal subjects on the base of 11 now exicting economic regions.

So national idea of Russia is proposed: powerful, well organized state in for the good of people.

Constitution of Russian Federation corresponds to alpha-principle. Constitution is alpha-metric because it consists of 11 parts (preambule, 9 chapters, summary) and alpha-packed with number of clauses 137, where 1+3+7=11.

Strictly proportional alpha-structure is State Emblem of Russian Federation.

Global infrastructure and density of population

In its development global infrastructure closely came to parameters of alpha-metric system. On every continent of Eastern hemisphere number of states always equal to n11 with mistake 1-2 unit, in Europe - 44+1, in Asia - 44+2, in Australia and Oceania - 22+2, in Afrique - 55+1.

In western hemisphere - 44+3, including Latin America - 44+1. Special structure in North America where 2 states situated - USA and Canada. But their internal infrastructure also corresponds to alpha-metrics: 9 regions and 2 overseas possessions (11 total) in USA, 10 provinces and 2 territories (11+2 in total) in Cananda.

Geopolitical model of planet is 20 alpha, or 220-2 states.

Application of alpha-criteria to increasing growth of Earth population permits to prognose optimal planet population as 8,8 billion of people and maximal - 11 billion.

Our planet is not planned for more.

Sports, football, fencing

Proceeding from universe of alpha-principle structural and metrical special features are analyzed. Most brightly elements of alpha-metrics and alpha-structures are expressed in football. Alpha-essence of most popular game is expressed in the number of players 11+11=22, in the penalty kick paint of 11 meters, in accepted weight of the ball from 396 grammas to 453 grammas, where optimal weight is 440 grammas in accordance with alpha-principle. The geometric analysis of sizes for gates, goal-keeper and penalty grounds shows their approximate nature to alpha-principle. But sizes of the football field must be 110x70 meters (now according to FIFA standards it is 105x66 meters).

Alpha-principle helps to understand magic of football and opens new perspectives of this game: new tactic alpha-planes, psychology, alpha-pace of the game. Very precisely alpha-principle is expressed in fencing.

The length of modern sword is equal 110 cm, weight is 770 gr.

The length of sport saber is 88 cm., Cossack saber is 110 cm. The cavalry saber in Spain (1890) and saber of confederates in USA equals 99+1cm. This knowledge gives superiority.

World religions

The structural and metric analysis of world religions leads to discovery of fundamental role of alpha-principle in formation of alpha-formats in key elements of teaching and cults.

IN BUDDHISM the teaching of 5 totalities is folded in alpha-pentagram. In cult architecture alpha-structures dominate. In mystery Cam persons having alpha-parameters (22 shunages, 77 incarnations). Bodhisava of Mercy is 11 faced. The white God of Sky rules 33 skies.

IN HINDUISM the world consisting 5 elements inscribes in alpha-pentagram with dominant of ether Vishnu incarnates in 22 avatars. 33 Gods exist. Narajana created 33 essences. Human has 11 organs of feelings. Principle Rita is equal to First Created Principle Alpha.

IN DAOISM adept has 5 ways in alpha-pentagram with dominant of changes comprehension and with 22 key hieroglyphs. Concept "in-ian" brings in itself alpha-metrics 11, and 8 three grammas - alpha-packets 11. Way of piety demands of worship to 33 gods in 33 holydays. Way of transformation (internal alchemist) leads through 11 structures of physical body.

IN HINDUISM numerical line 11, 22, 33, 44 express the fullness of semantic essence of religion elements, sins, prohibitions. Hebrew holy alphabet is alpha-metric (22 letters).

OCCULT tradition of Cabbala cultivates life tree consisting of 10 sephorites and 22 ways

IN CHRISTIANITY geometry of cross and temples is expressed by alpha-structures. 66 books of Bible, 11 true apostles, Christ is 33 year old. Symbolism of Three is expressed by alpha-packet 11. During 6 day of creation God created 22 types of works. In Orthodox Church 10 commandments are present, 11 mysteries and 12 elements of faith symbols form alpha-packet 33.

IN ISLAM there are 11 stolps of faith, now 6 of them are cultivated actively. 99 names of God and 99 corns in chain, 11 parts of prayer. Holy Kaoba is cube having 11 elements of symmetry.

Alphabets. Literature

First Created Principle Alpha as the highest divine idea was laid in the base of ancient alphabets by alpha-metric number of letters - northsemitic, Phoenician, Hebrew alphabets have 22 letters. Development of this idea leads to modern Russian alpha-metric alphabet of 33 letters. Perfect alphabet must correspond to alpha-principle and consists 22 or 33 letters (11 letters in Papua New Guinea - it is little, 44+1 letters in Laos - it is too much).

English alphabet consisting of 26 symbols is not equivalent, because it do not match to requirements of alpha-metrics. Too little symbols to transmit many sounds and this symbols are not monosemantic. In Russian language there are 440,000 words. Precisely alpha-metrics created pre-conditions that Russian language became great and powerful. Russian alphabet wonderfully inscribes in alpha-pentagram.

In Russian poetry 80% of verses are written with 4-step iambus, "Eugeny Onegin" by Pushkin also. Why? 4-step iambus is most alpha-metric. Verse of 4 lines consists of 34 syllables or 33+1. 4-step iambus is attractive because it's last stressed syllable is elenenth after carrying pause to beging of lines. In Onegin's stanza 11-th line is most critical. There or after it key element of stanza is accomplished.

Alpha-principle gives new methods to investigate phenomena of culture


When ancient and modern works of art were studied it was discovered that due to delicate feeling of harmony by artists in petrocliphs, frescoa icon and pictures there is natural alpha-structures and alpha-metricas of space and human is given.

In the poses of dancers of stone age in Sahara in lichens of Siberia, in stone stands and women figures, in ornaments the leading role have angle elements 2a, 3a, 4a. To the mysteries of Naska desert figures, why they are controlled by alpha-geometry?

Critical alpha-angles inconsciosly (or according to unknown yet law) are laid in icons compositions.

Gracious female figures of Fransua Bushe, Adgar Mone, Picasso irreproachably perfect due to alpha-structures. The artists of different countries and ages subordinate space of pictures to alpha-proection (Van Gogh, Sezanne, N.Uvarov).

The art creations of N.Chernishov, V.Muhina, P.Filonov, A.Polenov and others are presicely inscribed in the net of frame alpha-structures.

Talented artists in common more deeper see essence of things, their alpha-essence.


The fundamental world constant 11 which is essence of the First Created Principle Alpha, turned out to be lays in base of music. The modern music pitch in which a note "la" is turning note, in fact appears to be alpha-metric.

This is expressed in that fact that the frequency 1=55, 2=110, 3=220, 4=440, 5=880 cycles per second etc. Alpha-metric is perfectly well expressed that on five lines of note stand 11 notes can be written.

The keyboard of the full fortepiano consists of 88 keys that corresponds to symmetrical alpha-line: 11, 22, 44, 88. Tunes of many classical

The melodies of many classic masterpieces penetrate in soul because their main theme sounds in harmony with alpha-pentastructure of human soul: Chaikovsky, the 1-st concert for grand piano with an orchestra; XIX century - is typical alpha-pental tune. Shostakovich, the 7-th sym-phony; XX century - hard pace of main theme of this masterpiece is alpha-pental.

In other expressions Alpha-principle controls Indian music. In Indian music octave is divided at 22 unequal intervals or "shruti".

So all modern music culture is based on alpha-metrics


As a result of analysis of architecture forms from ancient times to modern times it was discovered that architecture masterpieces were such due to alpha-parameters and alpha-structures which were intuitively laid in their base by creators.

Critical angle alpha controls planning and construction of megalithic buildings - dolmens, New Grange observatory, Stonehenge.

Egypt pyramids are eternal because they are built in accordance with alpha-principle of metric and geometric criteria

Architecture complex of temples in Palenka is planned according alpha-structures, Parthenon is beautiful due to alpha-proportions. Church of Transformation in Kiji has 22 heads inscribed in angle 4a. In this fact is secret of it's harmony and perfect. The Deer-Breeder chum and Arab Zikkurat are built in contour of 2a and 4a

The beauty and stability of Eiffel Tower and Triumphal Arc in Paris, towers of Moscow Kremlin, the planning of Moscow contrelng by critical angle alpha.


As a result of studying of many technology objects it was noted that main parameters and forms of the most successful constructions and systems correspond to alpha-criteria: parameters are close or equal n11, geometry corresponds to alpha-structures with critical angels n1/11. This thesis is illustrated by examples. Most successful arguments are out of this text as patent decisions.

The voltage of electrical nets is multiple to 11: 110 and 220 V; 22, 110, 220, 330, 1100 kV. It is proposed to optimize many nominals for lines of transmission of power (LTP) : 35->33, 500->550, 750->770 kV.

The most reliable and safe is nuclear reactor PBMK-440, in which power is equal to a-metric 440 MV. Reactor PBMK-1000 do not correspond this a-criteria. If it would have power equal 880 MV then Chernobyl catastrophe wouldn't happen. The monitors Samsung Sync Master 770TFT: 440x220 mm, video camera Video&Samsung: 22x optical and 440x digital ZOOM.

Things of office equipment are correspond to alpha-metric. As a result of engineering calculations and intuition of designers most optimal are those satellite (including the first satellite), airplanes, antennas, medical instruments, and bicycles which correspond to frame alpha-structures.

Will we design... alpha-bicycle?

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